Chimney Services in Batesville, IN

Regular chimney maintenance can make sure your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently. At Oesterling Hearth & Stove Shoppe, we use the latest tools and technology to properly clean, repair, or rebuild your chimney and fireplaces. With our services, you can stay safe and comfortable in your Batesville, IN home all year round.

Chimney Repair and Restoration

Exposed to the elements for years on end, your chimney will eventually begin to deteriorate. Discoloration, water damage, cracks and gaps in between the bricks, and a leaning chimney are all signs that your chimney is at the end of its rope. Here at Oesterling Hearth & Stove Shoppe, we can repair and restore your chimney to make it look and work just like new.

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Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Chimney sweeps and inspections are more than just keeping your chimney clean. They’re also about keeping your home safe. A chimney that hasn’t been properly maintained can be a safety risk, so making sure it is properly swept and inspected is of the utmost importance.

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Fireplace Rebuild

Whether your fireplace is damaged or you’re looking to update its looks, we at Oesterling Hearth & Stove Shoppe can help. From traditional wood stoves to modern gas fireplaces, we can rebuild your fireplace in a variety of materials and designs. We will then take extra care to make sure that your new fireplace is functional and safe.

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Oesterling Hearth & Stove Shoppe has been serving the Batesville, IN area for over 20 years. To learn more about our services, call us at 812-934-3512 or 812-372-3512, or request a service.