Privacy Policy

Oesterling Chimney Sweep, LLC is an owner-operated business that adheres to the standards of the United States Better Business Bureaus (BBBs). As such it follows BBB’s online privacy policy where it applies to our business. The only personal information gathered on our Internet sites is that information necessary to return inquiries received from e-mail generated by our web site.

Included in this category are your name, telephone number and the e-mail address provided by the From line of the e-mail format. Where service has been requested or hearth products purchased, Oesterling Chimney Sweep, LLC will record the customers street address, city, state and zip code to facilitate delivery of service or products. This information kept on a computer owned by Oesterling Chimney Sweep, LLC and it is safeguarded by password.

Under no condition will information collected be sold to a third party. Also personal information including social security number, date of birth, age, gender or other such data will never be collected or requested by Oesterling Chimney Sweep, LLC or its employees.