Chimney Water Leak & Condensation Repair

If you’re experiencing a chimney leak at your home, this can come as a result of a variety of reasons. Often, chimney leaks can occur due to damaged chimney covers, wear and tear of brick work, as well as problematic mortar joints and/or weakened flashing.

Chimney leaks and condensation, if left unaddressed, can end up leading to costly damage down the road. Oesterling Chimney Sweep can help you avoid this undesirable scenario. We’ll help address any water leaks or condensation issues to ensure your chimney is in top condition and functioning properly for the long haul.

We specialize in chimney sweeping, chimney repair, and chimney water leak and condensation repair in Columbus, IN. We now serve our customers from two locations, one in Columbus, and one in Batesville, IN.

Chimney Water Leak & Condensation Repair

We use the highest quality materials and have the expertise to get to the root of any problem. We’re here to help you protect your investment and the health of your household.

Chimney Repair and Restoration

If your chimney is damaged or in need of a full-scale restoration, we can help with that, too. We’ll repair and restore your chimney so it looks great and functions properly, promoting proper ventilation for your home.

Stoves and Inserts

We provide our customers with a wide variety of gas, wood stove, and hearth products as well. We can repair your existing hearths and stoves or help you get set up with something brand new.

Contact Oesterling Chimney Sweep if you’re experiencing water leaks, chimney damage, or chimney ventilation problems. We’ll spring into action, provide you with professional service, and do the job at a rate that won’t break the bank. Call today or visit Oesterling Chimney Sweep at either of our locations in Batesville or Columbus, IN for the best chimney cleaning, repair, and maintenance service in the area.